Pregnancy Health

If you are in good health, you are maximising your chances of getting pregnant. There are a number of steps which you and your partner can take to make sure that your baby is given a good start to life.


Smoking can reduce the chances of conceiving.There is also evidence to suggest that babies exposed to smoke during pregnancy are likely to be smaller than those not exposed. If you or your spouse smoke, give up or at the very least cut down on your smoking. Your doctor will have more information on how to stop smoking. There is also a website which contains information about the effects of smoking and how you can stop (


Women who are close to their recommended weight improve the best chances of conceiving. A balanced diet with a proper exercise regime is the best way to achieve your recommended weight. Crash dieting is not recommended during pregnancy.
Exercise as always a good idea, whether you are trying for a baby or not. Avoid high impact sports – swimming, walking are good exercise activities.


Alcohol should be avoided throughout your pregnancy and when you are trying for a baby. Nobody knows how much or how little alcohol consumption affects a developing baby, so abstinence is recommended.


Caffeine appears to lower the chances of conception, but doctors don’t know why. Try to lower your consumption of coffee, tea and other products which contain caffeine.


High stress levels can reduce the chances of conception and can also have negative effects during pregnancy. Avoid high pressure situations and make changes to avoid stress at work

Drugs & Medication

Some medicines decrease fertility,so tell your GP when you are trying for a baby. Your GP will advise you on what is safe to take before or during pregnancy. - Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting information