Are U Pregnant

If you are trying for a baby, the first thing that you want to know is how long will it take to become pregnant. Unfortunately there is no answer to that question. It depends on a number of factors

  • Age
  • Current treatments
  • General Health
  • Reproductive Health, womens reproductive health, mans reproductive health
  • Frequency of intercourse
  • Stress

The monthly chance for pregnancy of a normally fertile couple is 15 to 25% (If rules are followed). If you are aged 35 or under and trying, unsuccessfully, to conceive for 12 months, you should contact a GP. It is important to get an appropriate timetable in which you should become pregnant naturally. Your GP can do this for you, based on you and your partners unique circumstances.

Even if you have not become pregnant within 12 months, it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong, but you should consult your GP just in case.

If there is a problem, it is not always a problem with the woman. While often considered a “woman’s problem”, infertility can be attributed to conditions in the man 30 to 40% of the time, to the woman 30 to 40% of the time, and to a combination of male and female factors 10 to 20% of the time

You can try to increase your chances of getting pregnant by trying to pinpoint exactly when you ovulate. For most couples, however, relaxing and enjoying trying for a baby is the best thing to do. - Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting information