Trying for a baby

If you are trying for a baby, we’ve included some information to help your chances of becoming pregnant, and what to do if you haven’t conceived.

Your Health – How does your health affect your chances of conceiving

Contraception – Stop using a contraceptive

Maximise chances of conception – How can I maximise the chances of conception

Mans Health for conception – The effects of a mans age and health on conception

Sexual Health – Both partners sexual help is very important when trying for a baby

Reproductive Health for conception – The effects of reproductive health on conception

How to get pregnant – How can I get pregnant


Infertility – Causes and options

Are U Pregnant – How do I know if I am pregnant

Top Tips before you become pregnant – Top tips to help you get pregnant ASAP




Baby Name Tool – Search for a baby name, or suggest your own

TTC Message Board – Talk to other people in a similar situation on our message boards

Pregnancy Information – What to expect when your expecting