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Planning Pregnancy with an Pregnancy Ovulation Calendar
A pregnancy calendar or Pregnancy Calendar is a very helpful tool while trying to figure out the exact dates of pregnancy and estimated date of child birth. There are many similar tools that are traditional and available. Ultimately, the birth of your child is a matter of your health and well being, so relying 100% on these tools is not advised.

Preconceptions when using a pregnancy calendar

Most women try to follow these tools with an expectancy of the actual date falling on a particular date. This method of building up expectancy is ill advised, since most doctors also use the pregnancy calendar as a tool to take a guess about the actual date. This guess could have a variance of more than two weeks either way.

The calendar can help you take charge of your pregnancy, in the sense that you can approximately control the times of your fertility and pregnancy to have the baby at a particular time. Their accuracy depends on individual health conditions and thus the exactness is not to be expected of them.

Planning your pregnancy

When coupled with a fertility calendar, a women can take charge of when she could get pregnant depending upon her ovulation cycles. This date of conception can thus act as an exact input for the pregnancy calendar, giving it a slight advantage of perfection. While this can predict the pregnancy closely, this is as far as a pregnancy calendar can get you. The rest depends on the health and other bodily conditions.


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