Vacation Tips

These are our top tips to help your and your children get the most out of the family vacation. Whether you prefer a relaxing holiday or an active/adventure break, these tips will help keep the stress to a minimum.


Before you book your vacation, research it. There are many resources on the web which allow people to review vacations that they have taken, use these resources to find out if it is what you actually wanted. It is a great way of finding out some things which may not be mentioned in the brochures and it may also give you ideas on places to visit, places to eat, local activities etc.
Establish how far you want to travel and the means of transportation. Will you be traveling by plane, car, train or by boat? Do any of your family suffer from travel sickness?

Organize your finances

Organize the credit cards that you are planning to bring with you and order travelers cheques (if required) from your bank. Make a list of emergency numbers to call if your credit cards or travelers cheques get stolen. Order foreign currency before you go (if required) so that you will have some local currency as soon as you arrive.

Confirm your booking

Confirm your vacation reservation, including hotel, air, car, train, dining and activity reservations. A few phone calls before you leave can save you a lot of hassle later on, especially if young children are involved.

Cancel deliveries

Remember to cancel your deliveries (Milk, newspaper etc.), apart from being a waste of money, this can be an indicatator to burgulars that your home is empty. Organize someone to pop into your house every so often, to check that everything is alright.


Pack as light as possible or consider shipping large bags, golf and ski equipment to your destination. There are services that will pick up bags at your home or at the office and deliver them to your destination by the required date. Make sure you have essentials at hand e.g. pack medication in hand luggage, in case your luggage is lost/delayed. Also, pack appropriate clothing for your destination climate and your activity while on vacation.

Confirm departure time

Confirm your flight is on schedule by phoning the airline, before you leave for the airport.


Make sure you include cameras, camcorders and all other equipment that you need. Don’t forget to include batteries, film, memory cards etc.


Make sure you have everyones travel documents and passports, also bring driving license if you intend to drive while on your family vacation. Bring your travel insurance documents etc.


Finally you have arrived. When you get there don’t over-plan your activities, just soak up the environment and play it by ear.

If you have prepared well before you arrive, your family vacation should go without any hitches and you should arrive back refreshed and less stressed than you were beforehand.

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