Episiotomy Care

An episiotomy is an incision made by your doctor to enlarge the vaginal opening (perineum) once the baby’s head begins to crown.

If you had an episiotomy, expect to have a sore bottom for 2-10 days after the birth. You may need pain medication and special care to get through this period, you should discuss this with your doctor. If you had a small- to medium-sized tear, it will not hurt like an episiotomy, but care for the wound just the same. Even if you had a large episiotomy or tear, rest assured that the tissue around the vagina usually heals extremely well. With the right care and attention, there is actually little chance for these wounds to become infected

Most doctors use dissolvable stitches which should not require any special care unless they become infected. They will usually disappear between 6-8 weeks after the birth.