Caesarean Section (c-section)

If you gave birth by c-section, expect a significantly longer recovery period. Although the recovery experience is different person to person, the fact that you have had a major abdominal surgery is worthy of respect for the natural healing process.
If you are able to move around, do so early but sparingly. If you are unable to move because of pain, discuss pain relief with your doctor. Generally, those women who are up and moving earlier and more often are the ones who recover sooner. Surgery often temporarily paralyzes the intestines. This is not a good thing if there is still food in the intestines which has not found its way all the way through the system.

Generally, rumblings in the stomach and intestines are a good sign. A few hours after surgery, attempt to swallow some sips of a liquid (water is good). When you tolerate liquids without significant nausea or vomiting, move to a semi-solid (e.g. soup). When all that stays down easily move on to soft, solid foods.