We have compiled some useful information which should help you know what to expect as the birth of your child approaches. Don’t forget when pregnancy finishes and the baby arrives, check out our Birth announcements section

We have included information about the types of delivery, pain relief and some information which will be useful after the baby’s birth.

Labour – what to expect, what are your options, Labour & Delivery

Birth Pain Relief – pain relief options during child birth

Types of Delivery – delivery options

Birth Chart – Chinese – Have some fun predicting the gender of your baby with our chinese birth chart

Postnatal Care – your care after giving birth

Choose a name – let us help you pick a name

Breastfeeding – Why you should breastfeed

Child Benefit – Irish child benefit entitlements

Birth Control – Birth Control options and methods

Birth Certificate – Why you need a birth certificate and how to get it

Birth at Home – Home birth information, Home Health Care

Birth Stone – Birth stone details by month

Birthstones – Birthstones origins

Birth control pill – (oral contraceptive)

Birth records – How to get access to birth records

Birth defects – What are birth defects and how to prevent them

Birth order – Can birth order affect intelligence?

Child Birth video – Child birth questions answered

Adoption and your birth child – If you have given your baby up for adoption, what can you do if you wish to contact them again - Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting information