Reduce the Risk of Cot Death


What is cot death?

Cot death (Sudden infant death syndrome – SID)is the sudden and unexpected death of a baby for no apparent reason. It can affect any baby, but boys and premature babies are more at risk.

Experts do not know exactly what causes cot death , but they believe it occurs for several different reasons. Cot Death, also known as SID (Sudden Infant Death) , has been reduced since a campaign to inform parents about the risk of cot death was started in the early 90’s.

Although experts did not know exactly what caused cot deaths, they have identified a number of steps which you can take to reduce the risks of it occuring. We have listed ten tips below to help parents reduce the risk of cot deaths.


Reduce the Risks of cot death

1 When putting your baby to sleep, always place them on their back.
2 Do not place your baby with his head at the top of the cot. Place him with
his feet at the foot of the cot, so that he can’t wriggle under the covers.
3 Do not let your baby overheat. Keep the babys’ room at a temperature
between 16 and 21 degrees Celcius. Check his temperature by feeling his tummy
or the back of his neck.
4 Use sheets and baby blankets instead of quilts, this will allow you to take
layers away when required. Don’t use pillows or cot bumpers if your baby
is under 1 year old.
5 Don’t smoke during pregnancy, and avoid smoky places aswell.
6 Don’t smoke in the same room as your baby, and don’t allow anyone else
smoke near him either.
7 Don’t sleep with your baby if you smoke, feel very tired, have been
drinking, taking drugs or medication which could cause drowsiness.
8 Avoid falling asleep on the sofa with your baby.
9 Have the baby sleep in his cot in your bedroom for the first six months.
10 If your baby is unwell, always seek medical advice.

If you have any more concerns or questions about cot death, please discuss them with your doctor or public health nurse. - Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting information