Child Adoption

There are many implications when a couple decide to adopt a child. Many couples have no options but to look at adoption if they wish to bring up a child. Most countries have a lengthy process before a potential couple can proceed with an adoption.
The length of time to process the application may be a cause of concern and anxiety to the prospective parents, but it takes time to verify that the prospective parents and the child are a good match. An adoption is a huge undertaking and it is important for the child and the parents that the time is taken and that the correct decision is made.

There has been a huge increase in the number of foreign adoptions from poorer countries. At first, this may seem like an ideal solution but it is important to get you local adoption boards’ view of some of the adoption schemes currently running. Some are merely baby trading and participating in such a scheme does not serve anyone in the long run. Talk to the adoption authority in your own jurisdiction to find out the legal route to adoption.

A useful number for Irish parents considering adoption is “The Adoption Board, Shelbourne House, Shelbourne rd, Dublin 4; Tel. 01 – 6671392”

If you have adopted a baby, whether from Ireland or overseas, registration will be processed by the Adoption Board. - Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting information