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We have compiled the most sought after information, resources and tools for our new baby gifts section.

If you have just had your baby, why not treat your self to some jewellery with the birth stone that corresponds to the month your baby was born. We have a range of birth stone jewellery available in our birth stone section.

We also have an explanation for each birth stone and the mythology around why they were considered to be beneficial to people.

An ideal baby gift for the new parent is a book. It is very useful to have a good reference when a parent encounters something that they are not used to dealing with, we have a number of books below which are useful for every new parent

We have a number of cute gifts in our shopping section and we are also planning on increasing our gifts ideas in our online shopping section in the near future. In the mean time we have compiled some useful links below.

Even more Infantile Pleasures & Baby Gift Ideas below

Creepy Crawlers

Don’t forget to dress-up baby in seasonal gear and buy a Halloween Infant Creeper for your Creepy Crawler season. Thousands of images, slogans and statements to add infant fun.


The baby-oriented designs on baby journals are a great way to express your feelings and experiences over being a new parent. They’ll be a treasured keepsake to share with your baby when she grows up.

Try our own baby books. - Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting information