You’ve done it. You have a beautiful baby and you are delighted. Just when you thought it was all over (9 months of back ache, tiredness etc.) you will be faced with huge physical and emotional changes. We will try to explain these changes and the difficulties you may face. Try our new baby center resource page.

The single most important piece of advice is enjoy your baby.

Breastfeeding – Why you should breastfeed

Baby Name Tool – Search for a baby name, or suggest your own

Baby Chat

Baby Pictures – create your own baby album online and share you baby pictures with your friends, or view our baby clipart

Baby Showers, Baby Shower Invitations – Advice, tips and information about baby showers

Babys Early Days – What should you expect in the first few days?

Mothers Early Days – What should you expect for yourself in the first few days?

Baby Gender Predictor – See if our chart predicted the gender of your baby correctly.

Postnatal Care – Postnatal care for you and your baby.

Child Benefit – Irish child benefit entitlements.

Toddler Bed – Transferring your toddler from a cot to a bed.

Eczema – Eczema in young babies.

Baby Formula – Baby formula advice and tips.

Premature Baby – Premature babies – information, advice and tips.

Your Child – Your child and you.

Child Care – Child care guide.

Child Development – Child development information, emailed to you weekly.

Baby Astrology – Read this fascinating extract from the “Baby Astrologer”.

Chinese Birth Chart – Use the Chinese birth chart to predict the sex of your baby.

Baby Toys – Information on educational baby toys.

Toddler Development Information – Information on baby & toddler development milestones.

Games for Toddlers – Online toddlers games.

Free Baby Stuff – Free baby gifts, coupons and more. - Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting information